Arquitectura Cuba Tour
Arquitectura Cuba TourArquitectura Cuba TourArquitectura Cuba Tour

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As well as other professionals linked to the science of construction, rebuilding and conservation of cities, architects will find in Cuba a significant and outstanding development of Architecture throughout the past five centuries.

This development, characterized by the assimilation of each temporary reigning style to the Cuban cultural patterns, is widely appreciated in a first glance as soon as you arrive to the island.

San Francisco de Asís Convent
in Old Havana

Our Architecture Tours, counting on the support of most prominent specialists in Cuban Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture of Havana University, The Center for Urban Studies, the Cuban Committee of ICOMOS and Cities´ historian offices, and backed up by several years of expertise on Tourism operations, have designed the following three tours about Architecture in Cuba. All of them are 8-day & 7 nights tours and can be taken as they are, or even be modified according to your needs.

The joint effort of these top specialists and Travels To Cuba committed staff, will ensure your success in touring and learning about Cuban architectural heritage.

Architecture in deep

  Architecture in deep

The most of Cuban architecture. Intense architecture-oriented visits and lectures in Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Architecture & Leisure   Architecture & Leisure

Combines the most important places regarding Cuban Architecture like Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad with some time to enjoy Varadero beach and sightseeing in Matanzas.

Learn & Enjoy   Learn & Enjoy

Designed for Architecture students, with lectures and visits in Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Plenty of time for night-life entertainment and enjoyment of Cuban beaches.

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History of Architecture in Havana
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